72 Coronation Drive

Architectural design for a semi- detached nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Central Singapore. The brief was simple, creating a whole new look for the building without demolishing its existing structure. The client wanted to retain the flow and layout of the building, and would like to add an attic too. The facade that we have designed based on the client’s needs and requirements also resolves the problem of heat and glare from the west sun. On the front facade, a large opening on the second storey connects the 2 rooms, and enable plenty of light to penetrate into their living spaces. It also opens up visual connections between the rooms and the streets. Series of timber screens are added to provide privacy and protection against climate. In a way, the timber screens are also great in creating different depths and forms for the building. It “evolves” at different time of the day and can be adjusted based on the occupant’ s preferences. The timber trellis extends its way to the balcony on the third storey, creating a different volume intersecting the existing structure and injecting new elements into the building.