KLIA Satellite Lounge

We were required to propose a design for KLIA First Class and Business Class Lounge. Our initial idea started out with a basic shape, the Eclipse. Our intention was to create something different, modern and strong. We wanted the space to have a strong identity and not just “another airport lounge”. Eclipse shaped barrisol with LED lights will be able to create different atmospheres and segregate the spaces through various brightness and colours. Some barrisol will be covered with islamic motif laser cut panels, as it is part of Malaysia’ s identity. From the entrance, visitors will be welcomed by lush green walls. The thread of light running along the top and bottom of the wall will draw eyes to the entrance of the lounge, greeted by the concierge. The area will be in subtle earthy tones, making users feel like entering the bright and vibrant seating area is as if they have entered a completely different space. We wanted the separation of space to be almost seamless, with no physical barriers or walls to indicate that it is a different space, which is why light is our primary form of spatial segregation.