At Nook Design, we are passionate about great architecture and innovative design. We create design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human needs, sustainability, science and art. We create spaces that enhances sensory experiences for the people within them.

We Create.


Residential Architecture

We understand that apart from being creative and responsive to clients' needs, we create architecture that inspires and evokes feelings. From huge makeovers to small extensions, we create meticulous details and a seamless blend of aesthetic and function.


Industrial Architecture

At Nook Design, our team strive to provide the highest level of service, design and expertise. We design offices and industrial architecture that enhances experiences and improve the quality of life of the users. We are committed to the practice of designing functional spaces that weaves beauty, practicality and sustainability.


Overseas Architecture & Planning

Our team embrace the singularity of each and every project, be it local or overseas. We endure challenges through the process of establishing the priorities and visions with our clients and catering solutions that respond to the environment, site, community and the people within.